IUPAT Hosts Training for its Installation Trainers

San Francisco, CA, September 9, 2022––IUPAT hosted its own trainers from across its network of schools, including Arizona, Chicago, Hawaii, Maryland, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Northern and Southern California, Philadelphia, and Texas, to learn more about concrete surface preparation. 

Jon-Don, a carpet cleaning, restoration, janitorial chemicals, and concrete surface prep and polishing brand, taught the IUPAT instructors in attendance. Training was conducted at the IUPAT International Finishing Trades Institute in Hanover, Maryland, August 15 to 19.

During the week, instructors perfected the use of grinders to strip away epoxy floor finishes from concrete, using bead blasters to prep the concrete surface, performed concrete repair work, staining, honing, and polishing.

IUPAT runs over 100 training facilities for approximately 160,000 active and retired men and women in the U.S. and Canada. This makes it one of the largest flooring installation schools in the industry.