Italian Ceramic Industry Production Declined 0.9% in 2022

Sassuolo, IT, June 15, 2023- Confindustria Ceramica reports that there were a total of 128 ceramic tile companies operating in Italy in 2022 with a production of 431.2 million square meters (down 0.9% on 2021) and a workforce of 18,639 direct employees, similar to the previous year’s figure. 

Total sales amounted to 448.9 million square meters (-1.4%). Sales in Italy exceeded 92.7 million square meters (+1.7%), while exports reached 356.2 million square meters (-2.2%). Italian tile producers reported total revenues of almost €7.2 billion (+16.5%), of which €6 billion was generated by exports (+14.8%; 83% share of turnover) and €1.2 billion from sales in Italy. Investments totaled €441.3 million, an increase of 25.6% over 2021, and represented 6.1% of turnover.

Manufacturing operations in Europe and North America by subsidiaries of Italian ceramic companies generate a total value in excess of €1 billion.