Iobac Launches Ezy-Install Modular System

Gloucestershire, UK, December 9, 2019--Iobac Limited has launched a new modular flooring product, Ezy-Install, in partnership with InstaGroup Limited.

Ezy-Install Flooring, suitable for both commercial and residential applications, makes the process of installing a floor easier, cleaner and quicker. The system comprises an underlay, which is dry-laid on to a prepared base and cut to shape. Carpet, wood or luxury vinyl tiles are held in place utilizing Ezy-Install’s double grip properties of high grab adhesive tack and magnetic attraction.

The underlay is made from recycled rubber crumb, and the VOC-free resin is plant-based, manufactured mostly from renewable castor oil. The product is waterproof, naturally antimicrobial and fully recyclable at the end of its life.  In addition, as no wet-adhesives are used in the process, used surface tiles are uncontaminated and can also be re-used or recycled, rather than going to landfill.

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