Invista Launches Antron with StainResist

Atlanta, GA, April 20--Invista, the manufacturer of Antron carpet fiber, today announced the launch of its new patented technology, Antron with StainResist. This new technology is designed to keep carpets of Antron looking newer longer, by making it easier to clean stains commonly found in the interior commercial environment. StainResist is engineered specifically for white dyeable fiber used in carpets of Antron. StainResist fiber technology is applied at the mill during the carpet manufacturing process. "Antron with StainResist fiber technology is the latest innovation designed to help the facility manager specify carpet that will exceed performance expectations for their facility," said Bobby Berrier, Invista's vice president, Commercial/Transportation Flooring. "As demonstrated today at the TFM Show, common stains such as coffee, soft drinks and wine easily clean up using water. For more stubborn stains, hot water extraction and mild detergent takes care of the problem." This new level of stain resistance is recommended for the healthcare, corporate, education and hospitality segments where stains such as coffee, fruit juice, soft drinks, wine, cough syrup and chloraseptic are common. Combined with the superior type 6,6 nylon polymer, unique fiber engineering and DuraTech soil resistance, StainResist improves the long-term appearance retention of carpet. All carpet styles of Antron with StainResist are tested against the Antron Performance Standards Program, the highest fiber performance standards for carpet durability. Antron with StainResist fiber technology is backed by a limited lifetime stain warranty, a limited lifetime antistat warranty and a limited 10-year warranty for fiber loss from abrasive wear. Antron with StainResist shares the same sustainability message as other members of the Antron family of brands. Antron carpet fiber, the first carpet fiber to receive Environmentally Preferable Product certification by Scientific Certification Systems, is also the first to receive re-certification. This means Antron carpet fiber continues to lead the industry by manufacturing products certified as having a lesser or reduced effect on the environment.