Interface’s Biomorph Captures the Gold at NeoCon

Atlanta, June 30--Interface Flooring Systems’ Biomorph won the Gold Award in the modular carpet category of the 2003 Best of NeoCon® Awards, sponsored annually by Contract magazine, The International Interior Design Association (IIDA) and Merchandise Mart Properties, Inc. “With its bold colors and the abstract application of accents, Biomorph is perhaps the best illustration of the design direction of our entire i2 collection,” explained Interface product designer David Oakey, celebrating his 24th Best of NeoCon award. “We’re setting a new course for modular floorcoverings with dynamic patterns – and adding a layer of visual complexity by combining those bold colors and patterns in a way we never have before in the design of modular carpet.” Oakey likened the color accents in Biomorph to the unintentional splatter of color on an artist’s palette. “Biomorph’s pattern is amorphous, changing in size and shape from module to module,” said Oakey. Biomorph is one of 23 new i2 products introduced by Interface Flooring Systems at NeoCon. The i2 collection found its genesis in Oakey’s exploration of biomimicry, or the idea that products can and should mimic nature in terms of aesthetics and functionality. That gave rise to Entropy®, the industry’s first non-directional pattern, which was launched in 2000 and quickly became the company’s top-selling product.

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