Interface Releases Q1 2023 Design Trend Index

Atlanta, GA, March 9, 2023-Interface reveals key trends driving interiors to become more resilient, adaptable, and sustainable in its Q1 2023 Design Trend Index. 

The report recognizes design innovations that merge aesthetics and function to create beautiful, customizable spaces.

Curated by design experts at Interface and Flor, the company's premium design brand, the Index highlights six overarching themes informing commercial and residential design. These trends reflect a growing need for refreshed spaces, customizable design, and the creation of the “third space,” as new patterns emerge in how people live, work, and play.

The 2023 Design Trend Index themes include:

Touch of Texture: The pandemic brought texture to the forefront as people looked to create cozy and comforting spaces. Now, bouclé and teddy bear-inspired textures are making their way from the home to the office, reflected in area rugs, upholstered goods, accent pillows, and more.

The Third Space: Hybrid and flexible work approaches are driving a need for the “third space”-encompassing alternative environments where people can gather, converse, collaborate, and reenergize beyond the traditional workplace.

Digitizing Design: Rising interest in DIY projects and increased availability and functionality of digital design tools means creating a custom space is more accessible than ever before.

Retro Refresh: Inspired by merging the classic and the modern, retro refresh brings bold colors and patterns that perfectly complement natural elements like organic shapes and textural finishes.

Bold Marble: For centuries, marble has been a mainstay of timeless and elegant design. Now, marble statement pieces in vivid colors and patterns are acting as the focal point in spaces from the living room to the office.

Climate-Conscious Consumer: The shift towards sustainable design continues as more and more consumers begin to make purchasing decisions based a product’s environmental impact. The design world is innovating to meet this need, as there’s been an increase in the availability of building materials with low-carbon, bio-based, and recycled elements and climate-conscious products for both residential and commercial spaces.

The full Interface Design Trend Index can be found here.

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