Interface Releases 2024 Design Trend Index

Atlanta, GA, May 30, 2024-Interface has released its 2024 Design Trend Index, which explores the latest trends pushing boundaries in commercial spaces.

“Good design is about more than just aesthetics,” says Kelly Simcox, head of global design at Interface. “It is the connection between us and the built environment. As the workplace continues to evolve, as trends cycle faster, and as how we collaborate changes, our spaces must be designed to do more and mean more. At Interface, we strive to create innovative products that aren’t only beautiful, but deliver on form, function, and our customers’ sustainability objectives to meet the evolving needs of commercial interiors.”

In the Index, design experts at Interface highlight both time-tested and forward-looking trends found in today’s commercial spaces, including:

Enduring Essentials: Some design elements are timeless. Explore the looks that never go out of style.

Naturalism: Contrast on-trend brutalism and find your ‘zen’ with calming touches that nod to nature.

Versatile Spaces: Here design meets innovation. Test the limits of what commercial interiors can do.

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