Interface Releases 2019 Sustainability Highlights Report

Atlanta, GA, October 12, 2020-- Interface recently released its 2019 Sustainability Highlights, which convey much of the progress the company's made toward minimizing its environmental impact since it began tracking key metrics in 1996.

While the company shares a similar overview each year, its 2019 metrics adopt a new approach to calculating its sustainability metrics in 2019 that more closely aligns with its Climate Take Back mission. This new approach redefines the company’s sustainability metrics in two significant ways:

  • First, its metrics now measure the total carbon impact of the business, including Scope 3 emissions as defined by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. This is a significant shift because, like most companies, its Scope 3 emissions make up the majority of its total carbon impact. Many experts increasingly view the tracking of Scope 3 emissions as essential to measuring a company’s full carbon footprint.
  • Second, the company made another step forward in the integration of Nora rubber flooring and Interface. Beginning with its 2019 Sustainability Highlights, the metrics will be enterprise wide, encompassing the total carbon impact for all of the emissions associated with the business and factoring the Nora brand into calculations.

The report is available here.


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