Interface Recognized as Clean Water Hero by GA Water Coalition

Atlanta, GA, September 20, 2018--The Georgia Water Coalition has recognized Interface as a Clean Water Hero in its 2018 Clean 13 Report. 

The report highlights organizations whose extraordinary efforts have led to cleaner water in Georgia. Interface was recognized for the following:

* Through technological advances in manufacturing processes and the construction of massive rainwater harvesting systems, Interface’s facilities in LaGrange and West Point use 93% less water than they did in 1996.

* Interface is currently designing and constructing two 50,000-gallon rainwater collection systems at its LaGrange facilities. Rain falling on the roofs of the company’s manufacturing buildings will be directed to storage tanks that will then supply everything from portions of the manufacturing process to toilets. It has employed a similar strategy for the new headquarters building in Atlanta, having installed a rainwater collections system designed to reduce water use by 78%.

* A similar project at the West Point facility was so successful, the company only purchased 1.4 million gallons from the local water utility in 2017. Twenty years ago, its West Point and LaGrange facilities annual water bill was approximately 27 million gallons, and the facilities manufactured half the products it does today. 

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