Interface Launches New Carbon-Sequestering Carpet Backing

Atlanta, GA, November 12, 2020-Interface recently introduced the world’s first carbon negative carpet tile; to achieve this milestone, Interface has transformed key manufacturing facilities and incorporated new materials to create its new CQuest backings line, which includes a new carpet backing that stores more carbon than any before.

One of these new backings-CQuestBioX-combined with specialty yarns and proprietary tufting processes, results in a carbon negative carpet tile when measured cradle to gate. This means that after it is made, there is less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than if the tile had not been manufactured in the first place.

The new CQuest backings line includes:

* CQuestGB-The next evolution of the company’s GlasBac backing. It features the same performance with a construction of post-consumer recycled content from carpet tiles, bio-based additives and pre-consumer recycled materials, which are net carbon negative. 

* CQuestBio-A non-vinyl bio-composite backing made with bio-based and recycled fillers, which are net carbon negative.

* CQuestBioX-The Interface backing that stores the most carbon. It is the same material make-up as CQuestBio with a higher concentration of carbon negative materials.

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