Interface Highlighted by NYT as Leader in Carbontech Revolution

Atlanta, GA, June 29, 2021-Interface was highlighted in a recent New York Times Magazine (NYT) article as an example of a manufacturer leading the carbontech revolution. 

The article, by Jon Gertner, includes commentary from chief sustainability officer Erin Meezan and chief science and technology officer John Bradford on how the company developed its carbon negative carpet tile and its journey to sustainability.  

Says Gertner, “Interface is there already, which gives it advantages as both a vendor and a role model. ‘Who really cares if this tiny carpet company is making something like this tile?’ Meezan put it to me rhetorically. ‘We do’ she answered, meaning the 3,800 employees who work at her company. And because the product was the first step of a larger goal - for the entire firm to become carbon negative by 2040 - she considered it a way to show others that the carbon problem isn’t impossible to solve. ‘If a company like ours has been able to get to carbon negative,’ she added, ‘then you can be optimistic about what that means for Starbucks, or the Gap, or other companies.’”

The article is available here

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