INSTALL Announces Two New Partners: Floorcloud & Spec-Intel

Washington, DC, August 9, 2022-INSTALL has announced two new Alliance Partners, Floorcloud and Spec-Intel.

INSTALL’s Alliance Partners participate in ongoing curriculum reviews and work with INSTALL instructors to revise and refine the curriculum to assure it meets manufacturer standards. Becoming an Alliance Partner provides the opportunity to deliver specialized training to installers, allowing them to be trained in the latest techniques, products, and technologies, including management platforms such as Floorcloud and Spec-Intel.

Spec-Intel: Spec-Intel is a construction management software platform that delivers accurate product data on a cloud-based platform with automation integrated into workflow-providing proven efficiency and reducing rework and miscommunication by over 84% on every project. Digital finish schedules are error-free, to help professionals work more efficiently and improve every flooring company's profits.

Floorcloud: Floorcloud, powered by Construction Connectivity, is a technology platform that monitors job sites in real-time, delivers customizable alerts and other notifications, and stores project information (e.g., photos, materials, etc.) specific to each job site or project.