Inflation is A Major Concern for American Voters

New York, NY, December 8, 2021-Inflation has emerged as a pressing concern for American voters, with majorities saying it is causing them at least some financial strain and is bound to get worse, a new Wall Street Journal poll finds.

“Some 56% in the new survey said inflation was causing them major or minor financial strain, including 28% who said they felt major pressures. More than half said gas and groceries were among their greatest concerns when it came to rising prices, with about a quarter citing housing and utility bills.

“The survey helps to explain why voters believe the economy is headed in the wrong direction at a time when it is creating jobs-though at a rate below expectations last month-and while wages are rising and stock markets have made gains during the year. Inflation hit a three-decade high in October, with the consumer-price index rising in October by 6.2% from a year earlier. It was the fifth straight month of inflation above 5%.

“Voters are feeling a sense of urgency, the new Journal survey found. Asked the most important issue for President Biden and Congress to address, about one-third cited an economic issue-more than any other subject-with 10% naming inflation. Some 52% said they expected the cost of living to worsen in the next year, compared with 23% who said it would likely ease.

“The survey of 1,500 voters, conducted Nov. 16-22, found more than 60% saying that the economy was headed in the wrong direction, and about the same share rating it as poor or not good today.”