India Led Ceramic Imports to the U.S. In First Half of 2023

New York, NY, August 11, 2023-For the first time, India became the largest ceramic tile supplier of the U.S. by units in the time period between January and June, reports Grosser Associates. 

In the first six months of 2023, total U.S. imports of ceramic tile were 92.5 million square meters, a decline of 5.8% from the same period in 2022 when imports were 98.2 million square meters. This decrease was due to the declines in imports from Spain (-21.7%), Italy (-21.6%), Turkey (-34.7%) and Brazil (-14.2%). 

Imports from Mexico were up 5.8% and from India, 57.0%. 

Imports in square meters were as follows: India is in first place with 18.2. million square meters, followed by Mexico (16.9 million square meters), Spain (16.0 million square meters), Italy (13.3 million square meters), Brazil (8.8 million square meters), and Turkey (8.1 million square meters).  

Imports in dollars were as follows: Italy is in first place with $287 million, followed by Spain ($238 million), Mexico ($141 million), India ($89 m million Turkey ($73 million) and Brazil ($60 million). Total dollar imports were down by 4.0% from $1.041 million to $1.000 million.

Average F.O.B values per square meter were as follows: Italy ($21.62), Spain ($14.89), Mexico ($8.35), India ($4.88), Turkey ($8.97), Brazil ($6.82), All countries ($10.81).