I4F Introducing New Protection Measures for Licensees

Willemstad, Curaçao, March 21, 2019-I4F has announced that it is introducing new measures designed to further protect its complying licensees. 

As from Q2 2019, I4F will roll-out its new holographic labelling system to all I4F licensees as well as initiate a license compliance audit program. These new measures are designed to extend the scope of protection for all complying I4F licensees.

The company also announced that it has provided notice to terminate license agreements with two manufacturers-Jiangsu Simo New Materials Co. Ltd. and Weifang Green Residence Floor Material Co. Ltd.-following material breaches of contracts, despite several unanswered notifications to comply. These include a failure to submit volume reports for products using I4F’s patented technologies as well as the non-payment of contractual fees.