I4F Forms Partnership with Quickstyle Industries

Hamont, Belgium, March 31, 2020-I4F has entered into an exclusive patent partnership with Quickstyle Industries, giving I4F the sole licensing rights for Quickstyle’s grout patent family in all major markets worldwide, including the United States, Europe and Asia/Pacific.  

Quickstyle Industries’ grout line technology is unique in offering flooring and wall panels with integrated grout lines that are highly realistic and aesthetically pleasing, for which a number of U.S. patents as well as other patents abroad have been awarded. This technology focuses on rigid cores with uniquely-profiled mechanical joining systems combined with top layers of PVC or PVC decorative films and wearlayer films. 

This new partnership means that all new licenses for this technology may only be obtained via I4F, with the exception of Canada, where Quickstyle will continue to license its patents directly. Both companies will collaborate to maximize worldwide awareness of this innovation as well as to further develop the technology.