I4F Forms Partnership with Benchwick for 3D-Effect Digital Printing

Las Vegas, NV, January 28, 2020-I4F has announced a new partnership with Benchwick that facilitates the introduction of a unique digital printing technology delivering an embossed 3D effect on decorative panels.

I4F believes this unique embossing technology, developed by Benchwick takes digital printing to a higher level, and that it will play a defining role in the evolution of next-generation flooring.  The possibility to produce superior 3D embossed-in-register patterns is especially important in the area of new flooring materials, making digital printing an imperative.

Patent applications for this new patent family, offering a unique 3D-effect embossing structure on top of decorative panels via digital printing, have been filed in China, Europe and the United States. Further filings in other countries will follow.