I4F Forms Partnership with Amorim

Turnhout, Belgium, January 5, 2024-I4F, a group of companies providing patents and technologies to the flooring industry, announced that it has signed multiple agreements with Amorim, including a strategic patent partnership and two license agreements. 

Through the patent partnership, I4F has secured exclusive licensing rights to Amorim’s sustainable rigid bio-cork composite patent portfolio and will represent Amorim on IP related matters associated with those technologies. Simultaneously, Amorim has signed two license agreements, covering I4F’s drop-lock and digital printing technologies. Amorim has also acquired a Jupiter digital printing line with DLE plus from Hymmen, delivering direct-on-board digitally printed decors and digitally embossed-in-register lacquer structures.

Amorim’s patented, sustainable rigid bio-cork composite is 100% plastic and PVC-free. The bio-cork core consists of a matrix material comprising cork particles as well as other bio and recycled materials. End products will boast an exceptionally low - to negative carbon footprint, all the while delivering performance comparable to, or even surpassing that of traditional rigid-core products.

Based in Portugal, Amorim is the world’s largest producer of cork-based products and market leader in the production of versatile cork flooring and wall decorations, with strong sustainability credentials. The introduction of I4F’s drop-lock will begin at their facility early 2024.