HTMX Launches Aspecta Contract

Norwalk, CT, February 12, 2024-HMTX Industries has announced the creation of the Aspecta Contract sub-brand, a move that adds definition to its North American business. 

As the Aspecta brand has evolved, it has diversified its product offerings throughout the global marketplace. Internationally, Aspecta has expanded its focus to include products that service both commercial and residential specifications alike through HMTX Global. In North America, the brand has maintained a steadfast focus on heavy-commercial specifications.

To best service its customers and provide tailored and curated product offerings for the North American market, HMTX Commercial, the North American commercial arm of HMTX Industries, will offer unique products under the Aspecta Contract sub-brand. Aspecta Contract will focus on unique commercial designs and specifications, while the broader Aspecta brand will continue to offer a diversified product range outside of North America.

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