Hoteliers Note Emerging "Bleisure" Movement

Smithtown NY, May 25, 2022-The “bleisure” movement is impacting the hospitality movement, altering demand schedules and the amenities guests require while at properties, reports Hotel Interactive. 

“The emerging business/leisure or ‘bleisure’ trend has clearly shifted travel patterns and, in many cases, raised the bar for hotels from a technology standpoint…

“As an example, Joseph Del Guidice, SVP, operations, PM Hotel Group-a Chevy-Chase, MD-based management company-noted that in response the company is now utilizing a digital app that enables guests to order food throughout their properties.

“‘We started to see the Thursday night arrival and we realized that ‘bleisure’ was something that was here to stay. So we kind of knew that our guests were choosing areas in the hotel to work out of that normally they wouldn’t,’ he said.

“Parminder Batra, CEO, TraknProtect-a Chicago, Illinois-based company featuring an IoT platform that provides solutions for employee safety and cleaning protocol adherence, as well as inventory, vendor and room tray tracking-further drove home the point.

“‘The stats show that the shoulder days have changed to now being more Thursday and Monday. ‘Bleisure’ guests are walking in with the expectation of ‘not only do I need wifi, I want to be able to sit by the pool and work. Or I want to be able to be in the gardens and work, not just be in my room. So where it used to be the desk was really important, it’s still important, but so are the other areas and making sure there’s wifi coverage and an adequate place to sit and to be able to connect and to work,’ she said.”