HOK Conducts Re-entry to the Workplace Survey

St. Louis, MO, April 9, 2021--HOK recently surveyed its partners in 31 countries to assess how different regions of the world are handling re-entry into the workplace.

Findings of the survey discovered that:

* 70% of survey respondents are still developing a plan for returning to the office.

* 100% of respondents see remote working options remaining in place into the future.

* 30% of companies have an action plan in place for re-entry into the workplace. The remainder are still developing and reviewing options.

* 5% of clients have adequate space to physically distance when they return to the workplace.

* 55% of companies are reducing office density by extending work from home (WFH). Others are considering staggered shifts or four-day work weeks.

* 30% of companies are looking to block out alternate desks to create physical distancing upon re-entry.

* 16% are looking at reorienting existing work points. Another 16% are looking to install some form of shielding.

* 32% of those surveyed noted roommates or family members as the biggest challenge to working from home.

* 28% of those surveyed noted not having appropriate space at home to work as the biggest challenge faced during the stay-at- home orders.

* 100% foresee some form of remote work remaining in place after COVID-19.

* 89% foresee physical distancing continuing even after a vaccine is found. 88% see enhanced cleaning remaining in place permanently.

* 78% see clean desk policies enduring. 72% envision using sensors / booking system to monitor utilization, spacing and cleaning.

* 67% envision using automation, voice activation and/or hands-free controls going forward.