HMTX's Mycelium Collection Recognized by BuildingGreen

Norwalk, CT, January 12, 2024-The Mycelium Collection of SRPÔ TPU Rigid Core flooring, by HMTX Industries, was acknowledged as one of BuildingGreen’s Top 10 Green Building Products for 2024. 

According to BuildingGreen, the collection was chosen because it can be recycled back into new flooring with no loss of performance, providing an attractive and more environmentally responsible alternative to vinyl.  The Mycelium Collection was the only flooring product honored.

A key differentiator in selecting the Mycelium Collection was its use of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), a different kind of chemistry not found in other resilient flooring. Known for its strength and versatility, TPU differs from standard polyurethane materials used in a myriad of other building products. Standard polyurethane is a thermoset plastic that cannot be melted down and thus is not readily recyclable, whereas TPU can be melted and processed into new material.


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