HMTX's Arthur Clarke Joins Mindful Materials Working Group

Norwalk, CT, August 4, 2020-HMTX Industries’ director of sustainability, Arthur Clarke, has been actively involved with mindful MATERIALS (mM) volunteer working groups for the last few years, becoming chair of the mM Portal Working Group in September 2018 and joining the mM Content Working Group in early 2019. 

Clarke was one of two industry leaders who recently joined the mM Steering Group (alongside Raefer Wallis, architect and founder of GIGA-the company behind ORIGIN, the technology platform on which the mM Library now resides). The mM Steering Group is responsible for defining and tracking the mM Collaborative’s goals and direction in coordination with the Advisory and Working Groups. The Steering Group also defines the mindful MATERIALS Program-the tools, resources, and best-practice guidelines that are developed and communicated to Program Collaborative users. 

HMTX Industries is one of the first member-owners of mM L3C. Created to help drive engagement of all stakeholders in achieving the shared vision of mindful MATERIALS, mM L3C is owned by purpose-aligned stakeholders of the mindful MATERIALS Collaborative. Formed in 2019, mM L3C supports the rapid growth of the mM Library and of self-sustaining revenue streams.

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