HMTX Unites Teknoflor & Aspecta as HMTX Commercial

Norwalk, CT, June 13, 2023-HMTX Industries announced that the company has merged its Teknoflor and Aspecta commercial flooring brands’ North American go-to-market strategies into HMTX Commercial. 

HMTX Commercial’s Teknoflor and Aspecta sales and marketing teams will represent both brands collaboratively within the new North American business unit.

The Teknoflor brand has a broad reach within healthcare but is also relevant for hospitality, retail and other projects, while Aspecta, which is known for hospitality, can also be specified for numerous other markets. By uniting under one umbrella from business, financial, and marketing perspectives, HMTX Commercial will eliminate go-to-market redundancies while maintaining the identity and integrity of each brand. It also will leverage the same distribution, customer service, and sampling services across both brands.

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