HMTX Opens World Headquarters in Connecticut

Norwalk, CT, September 21, 2022-HMTX cut the ribbon on its new world headquarters, dubbed “House Upon the Hill”, in Norwalk, Connecticut on September 20.

Working with McLennan Design and its founder Jason F. McLennan, one of the world’s leading individuals in the field of architecture and the green building movement, the 24,000 square-foot project is on track to become of the greenest buildings in the state of Connecticut. 

Among the structure’s unique features, it is designed to sit above the ground in an effort to preserve as much of the existing landscape as possible. It will generate more energy on-site than it uses, produce zero carbon emissions, capture and reuse rainwater, and use only the healthiest non-toxic materials available. The ecologically conscious facility will also provide spaces for artists-in-residence design studios.

In addition, the new HMTX World Headquarters is on track to become first Living Building Challenge Petal Certified project in the state of Connecticut, and the first project ever in Norwalk to pursue the Living Building Challenge, the world’s most stringent green building rating system. This system promotes the concept of regenerative design to create spaces that give more than they take. As a living building, the HMTX facility is intended to be largely self-sufficient while creating a positive impact on the people and natural systems that surround it.

In addition, “The new building will function as a design center, with rapid-prototype machines able to crank out flooring planks with specific patterns and textures in roughly an hour,” reports CT Insider.

Listen to HMTX CEO Harlan Stone discuss the new world headquarters with FloorDaily.

Pic: Flanked by Connecticut state senator Bob Duff, Norwalk mayor Harry Rilling, Governor Ned Lamont and green building architect Jason McLennan, HMTX CEO Harlan Stone cut the ribbon on The House Up On The Hill, HMTX’s new world headquarters.

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