Gres Aragón Develops Ceramic Cooling System, cSNAP

Teruel, Spain, July 18, 2023-Ceramic manufacturer Gres Aragón has collaborated with Harvard University on a new ceramic system for cooling indoor spaces.

The new system uses ceramic tiles with a special coating to cool indoor spaces through water evaporation.  

In certain climates and operating conditions, this new breakthrough represents high energy savings in comparison with conventional air-conditioning units.

The research team has developed a cooling system, called cSNAP, based on water evaporation. According to the preliminary data, in certain climates and operating conditions, this technology uses up to 75% less energy than conventional air-conditioning units (based on vapor-compression refrigeration systems).

This data was generated in the laboratories of Harvard University’s Wyss Institute. The researchers fitted a device to HouseZero, on Harvard University campus, to validate the results in real-world conditions.

The research team continues to work on it, and its evaporative cooling system is being combined with additional innovations that pre-treat and dehumidify the input air, maximizing its cooling capacity even further and also facilitating its use in a wide variety of markets and climate zones worldwide.