Great Lakes Intros New Stabilizer Solutions For PP

Chicago, July 2--Great Lakes Chemical Corp. announced the launch of Anox(TM) FiberPlus polymer stabilizer blends, a solution-focused concept for the process stabilization of polypropylene fibers. Anox FiberPlus polymer stabilizer blends combine Great Lakes' stabilizers into proprietary blends, each offering a unique combination of benefits, in a free flowing, non-dusting product form that ensures accurate incorporation during fiber manufacturing. Anox FiberPlus is also available in a powder blend. Anox FiberPlus blends allow manufacturers of polypropylene fiber grades to achieve good process stability and outstanding color protection, in addition to being resistant to gas fading of the polymer. UV stability and long term heat aging can also be controlled by Anox FiberPlus blends based on the durability and UV protection needs of the finished product. Anox FiberPlus blends are suitable for use in both non-cracked and cracked polypropylene fibers. In the production of cracked fiber grades, peroxide is generally added to polypropylene to increase the melt flow index of the polymer and to narrow the molecular weight distribution. Anox FiberPlus blends allow a significant reduction in peroxide consumption compared to other commercially available stabilizer systems, offering a unique performance vs. cost solution to the polypropylene fiber market. Anox FiberPlus blends are ideally suited for polypropylene fiber production of a wide variety of finished goods from hygienic and medical goods such as disposable diapers to durable products such as carpet pile and backing, ropes, outdoor clothing, and agro/geotextiles. Anox FiberPlus blends are the first in Great Lakes' new range of stabilizer solutions that leverage the company's extensive knowledge of additives and their synergies, polymers where these additives are used, demands of end use applications, and, ultimately, market needs.