Grant Petruzzelli Named Vice President of DCO Commercial Floors

Atlanta, GA, September 7, 2022--DCO Commercial Floors has announced that Grant Petruzzelli will join the firm’s leadership team in the role of vice president. 

This strategic addition comes at a critical time during DCO’s growth plan that will further strengthen DCO’s commitment to its customer’s success and a vast network of valued partners.

Petruzzelli will contribute directly to the company’s business strategies, focusing more broadly on sales enablement and growth acceleration as DCO continues to expand its presence in the marketplace. This will involve strengthening end user and vendor relationships at regional and national levels, while enhancing DCO’s efforts to specify more projects at the benefit of their customer’s goals.

Petruzzelli brings over 20 years of leadership experience to DCO in both sales and operations, with much of that time spent leading teams in the flooring industry. Before joining DCO, Grant served as president of Universal Metro, a fellow Starnet Commercial Flooring contractor based in Southern California. There, he grew the business by integrating data-centric systems, enhancing processes, and strengthening relationships, building the culture around a spirit of community, proactiveness, and personal responsibility. Petruzzelli was named a Future Leader in Flooring in 2017 by Floor Focus magazine and serves on Starnet Worldwide's advisory council as co-chair of the business development and specifier committee.

DCO Commercial Floors is a nationwide flooring contractor.

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