Gluth Flooring Bookkeeper Sentenced for $400K Embezzlement

Seattle, OR, January 22, 2024- “The former bookkeeper of a flooring company in Washington state was convicted of wire fraud, identity theft and conspiracy at the U.S. District Court in Seattle on January 19, reports KOMO

“According to the Department of Justice, Jodi Hamrick conspired with David M. Gluth, the co-owner of Gluth Contract Flooring, to steal from the company and defraud the silent partner who put up the money for the business.

“Prosecutor Jessica M. Ly told the jury, Hamrick’s role was ‘cooking the books and keeping the money moving.’

“Hamrick was convicted of four counts of wire fraud, one count of aggravated identity theft, and one count of conspiracy. Gluth was charged in November 2020, pleaded guilty in January 2021, and was sentenced in 2021 to two years in prison, according to the DOJ. Gluth agreed to a restitution figure of $325,000.

“The DOJ said forged signatures, forged documents, altered records, secret bank accounts, secret credit cards, false bookkeeping entries, and false statements in declarations and court filings were used to embezzle company funds.

“The company’s other co-owner was forced to go to court in an attempt to find out the truth behind the embezzlement. According to the DOJ, the company went bankrupt in 2016 and the co-owner was left with ‘nothing but debt.’”