German Tile Used in Chicago Craft Brewery Floor

Chicago, IL, 24, 2019--Argelith ceramic vitrified tiles resist heavy loads, can sustain sharp impacts, are chemical resistant and nonabsorbant, and provide a clean aesthetic, making the product the ideal choice for Hopewell Brewing. 

“We get a lot of high heat, steam, a lot of chemical use and a lot of organic solids and soil [on the floor],” said Stephen Bossu, co-owner. “We needed something like Argelith tile that was super inert and could also take a beating. It was ideal for what we needed.”

Argelith tiles never require sealing or waterproofing. Where other industrial flooring options measure its lifespan in years, vitrified tiles are durable for decades. Vitrified tile is a green construction material free from fumes, allergens and VOCs.

Argelith is designed for commercial use in high-impact industries like automotive, breweries, and food and beverage. 

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