Fuse Names 2022 Spark Award Winners

Memphis, TN, March 8, 2023-Fuse announced its 2022 Spark Awards winners on the evening of March 6 during its meeting in Memphis, Tennessee. 

The winners are as follows:

Best in show: M&T Bank Buffalo Tech Hub by GP Flooring Solutions

Most aggressive timeline: Constellation-Kennett Square by Franklin Flooring

Most aggressive timeline: City of Hope Cancer Center by Christian Brothers

Most maximized budget: Alvin High School by Intex Flooring

Best flooring solution: Norfolk Southern byCertified Finishes

Toughest site conditions: Olympic Village Apartments by HTC Commercial Flooring

Toughest site conditions: The Gardens & Guardian House by Unit Design

Most creative flooring design: Project H by Certified Finishes

Judges for the awards were Mark Oliver of Material Bank; Kelly Ennis of Verve Partnership; Tom Marquardt of Marquardt+, Sean Kendig of Main Architecture and Robyn Taylor of Westgroup Designs.

Pic: Geoff Gordon, Fuse executive director; Abby Reinhard, president and CEO of GP Flooring Solutions; Josh Reinhard, vice president of GP Flooring Solutions; and Mark Hutto, Fuse president of the board. 

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