Fuse Meeting Underway Now in Dallas

Chattanooga, TN, March 7, 2022-Fuse’s meeting started Sunday and runs through today. The event is taking place at The Fairmont Hotel in Dallas, Texas.

The event has a record crowd of over 400 attendees, including vendors. 

The theme of the meeting is Power through Partnership.

Fuse now has 135 members in 220 locations. It has added 25 new members in the last two years. And has also added ten new vendor partners, the largest of which are Milliken, Gerflor and Uzin-Utz. 

The group’s revenue with its vendor partners in fiscal year 2021 increased 22% over 2020 and up 4% over 2019. Education and healthcare are the two strongest vertical sectors.

Biggest challenges the group is facing are multiple price increases, shipment delays and availability of labor. 

This is the first meeting since March 2020 when the group met in Palm Desert, California. 

Listen to our FloorDaily podcast with Geoff Gordon, executive director with Fuse Commercial Flooring Alliance.

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