Fuse & CFI Join Forces to Promote Training for Comm. Installers

Forney, TX, April 30, 2018-In an effort to address the ongoing shortage of qualified commercial floorcovering installers, Fuse Alliance and the International Certified Flooring Installers Association have joined forces.

The goal of the partnership is to promote and expand awareness of the CFI training programs within the FUSE membership community and the importance of using certified installers.

“While CFI has always had a very strong commercial training program, the organization is primarily viewed as residentially oriented,” said Robert Varden, Vice President, CFI. “Having started my flooring career on the commercial side of the business, I have an insider’s perspective on areas where we can really expand the CFI business model.” 

Varden acknowledged that the unions do a great job of training, but there a significant number of non-union Fuse members that would benefit from quality commercial installation, training, and certification.

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