Fuse Announces Member and Supplier Award Winners at Memphis Meeting

Memphis, TN, March 7, 2023-Fuse has announced its member and supplier award winners during its meeting in Memphis. As part of this event, Geoff Gordon was given his 10 year's of service award and received a standing ovation from the membership and vendor partners who attended the awards dinner.

* Member Loyalty Award: Commercial Interior Resources, Ken Hurd

* Member Reporting & Follow-up Award: Franklin Flooring

* Member Spirit Award: Fromkin Brothers, Keith Chesnut 

 * Experius Most Volume Award: Certified Finishes

* Experius Highest Growth Award: D&R Flooring

* Supplier Best Product Award: Shaw Contract

* Supplier Best Service Award: Schönox HPS North America

* Supplier Best Support Award: Johnsonite

* Supplier of the Year Award: Schönox HPS North America

* Best in Show: GP Flooring, M&T Buffalo Tech Hub

* Toughest Site Conditions: Unit Design, The Gardens and Guardian House and HTC Flooring, Olympic Village Apartments

* Most Creative Design: Certified Finishes, Project H

* Most Aggressive Timeline: Christian Brothers-City of Hope and Franklin Flooring, Constellation

* Best Flooring Solution: Certified Finishes, Norfolk Southern

* Maximized Budget: Intex Flooring, Alvin H.S. #4

Pic: Supplier of the Year, Schönox

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