Fred Shehadi of B. Shehadi & Sons Has Died

Manchester, VT, May 24, 2019-Frederick Selim Shehadi, Jr. died May 17 at his home in Manchester, Vermont, preceded in death by his wife, Carol. 

After graduating from Bucknell University in 1954, Shehadi joined B. Shehadi & Sons in East Orange, New Jersey, an Oriental rug and carpet business started by his grandfather in 1900. Shehadi pioneered the use of modular carpet tiles in the commercial work space and championed the concept of “added value,” through reinforcing his five cherished fundamentals: preparation, presentation, execution, follow up and follow through. Shehadi was a strong advocate for the adaptation of carpet tile in the commercial office space. 

Shehadi helped put together the original Milliken FSD (Full Service Dealer) program in the early 1980s and was a founding member of COMSPEC, the first national association for commercial flooring contractors which ultimately led to the formation of StarNet. 

Shehadi retired in 1996 after the family sold the commercial business of B. Shehadi & Sons to Interface. The family retained the residential division and has rebuilt the commercial business, which is known as Shehadi Commercial Flooring; the business has been in continuous operation for 119 years. 

An obituary is available here

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