Floors & More Announces New Partnership with Mobile Marketing

Las Vegas, NV, February 1, 2022--At its winter convention yesterday, Floors & More announced to its 40 member attendees that it is changing vendors for its digital marketing services. 

Among Floors & More's cadre of aligned retailers are 80 Big Bob's flooring outlet locations, all of which have already switched over to Mobile Marketing, says Floors & More CEO Vinnie Virga Sr. The buying group's member sites should be updated by sometime in February, with any remaining corporate sites brought on by the end of March.

"We think toward the end of the year we're going to see the economy start to taper off," he notes. "Having the best salespeople in the market [through Mobile Marketing] and the best website is going to be incredibly important."

He continues, "Their visualizer is just off the hook; they've partnered in a meaningful way with Roomvo," listing it and the way Mobile Marketing incorporates featured catalogs as some of the main selling points.

Those "best-in-class" services' competitive price was another big draw, says Floors & More vice president Vinnie Virga Jr. "It allows us to offer prospective members an incredible value," he says, adding, "We were able to offer better and additional tools at no additional cost to existing members."

With SEO keywords customized for individual client's local markets, Mobile Marketing's SEO values are triple or quadruple customers' starting traffic, says vice president of sales and marketing David Geipel. And the company is heavily invested in e-commerce, having spent over $1 million on that single component over the past few years, he says. "We're launching the next phase of [overall] digital growth for this franchise group," Geipel says, listing cash-and-carry as a new opportunity. 

Instead of a consumer finding a product on a local retailer's site and then calling the store or coming in to see if it's available and purchase it, they'll be able to purchase it online and simply pick it up at the retailer, and that could evolve into national delivery or pickup at a partnered distributor, he explains.

Already, Mobile Marketing offers geofencing: targeted marketing triggered by highly customizable geographic boundaries, an emerging model for flooring retailers.

Floors & More's "exhaustive study" for a new partner included operators in other verticals and building a system from the ground up, but a personal reference led them to Mobile Marketing, and "in every area we were concerned with, they were blowing it away," Virga Sr. says.

Floors & More's summer convention, scheduled for July 31 to August 3 in Austin, Texas, will be highly focused on training for the new platform, which just added a video service for addressing customer issues and file claims.

The new Virtual Home Service (VHS) connects retailers directly to customers, installers or other project team members through video. Retailers can remotely inspect completed jobs and immediately diagnose, support and resolve cases, as well as take photos remotely, record videos and take notes that can be sent directly to claims departments and manufacturers, reducing the need for in-home visits.

Mobile Marketing founder and CEO Carole Cross also notes that, “We have integrated our VHS and Roomvo visualization capabilities to deliver an industry-leading virtual shop-at-home process."

Floors & More is a buying group founded in 2016 that comprises Big Bob’s Flooring Outlet and Floor to Ceiling brands.

Mobile Marketing is a full-service platform offering website development and maintenance, integrated catalogs, room visualization, digital and social media marketing, and can be paired with the client's preferred customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms. Cross helped lead Armstrong's digital efforts before launching Mobile Marketing in 2013.

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