Enactment of NY EPR Carpet Recycling Legislation Delayed for 2 Years

Albany, NY, April 10, 2023--New York's extended producer responsibility (EPR) legislation, signed in January, which requires carpet manufacturers to develop and enact plans for recycling, has been delayed, giving carpet makers and sellers two additional years before they have to comply with the state’s new carpet recycling measures.

California passed the country's first carpet recycling legislation. New York's is the second, and Illinois has some under consideration currently.

“Legislation signed into law last year requires carpet producers to either individually or collectively submit a plan to the state Department of Environmental Conservation outlining the establishment of a carpet collection program,” reports The Post-Journal.

“A chapter amendment to that bill approved Tuesday in the state Assembly by a 95-48 vote gives producers two more years to create the carpet collection programs, with the new regulation taking effect July 1, 2026. After that date producers and retailers who aren’t part of an approved carpet recycling plan aren’t allowed to sell carpet in New York state. The state will post locations of all carpet collection sites in the state on its website.

“Producers who don’t comply can face a $500 civil penalty for each violation and an additional penalty of no more than $500 for each day the violation continues.”