E.J. Welch Acquires Dealers Supply Company

Earth City, Missouri, December 6, 2021-E.J. Welch Company, a building materials distributor based in Earth City, Missouri, has acquired the assets of Dealers Supply Company, based in Durham, North Carolina. 

“We’re excited about this amazing team of 20-plus people and a product mix that aligns really well with what E.J. Welch is already doing,” said Kavita McCarthy, president, E.J. Welch. “Whenever we have an acquisition opportunity, our philosophy has been to do contiguous states. Dealers Supply was a very natural fit. It’s going to create our Southeast Division for E.J. Welch."

E.J. Welch has 37 branches across the midwest and southern United States. The company acquired Gilford Johnson assets and T&L Distributing in 2020.