Ecore Acquires 360 Tire Recycling Group

Lancaster, PA, April 13, 2023-Ecore International, the largest converter of reclaimed tire rubber in North America, has announced the acquisition of 360 Tire Recycling Group, a tire recycling management company. 

This strategic alliance strengthens Ecore’s position in tire and buffings collection, while aiding in the procurement of raw materials for the company’s innovative flooring and surfacing products. It also elevates both Ecore and 360 Tire Recycling Group as leaders in the world’s transition to a circular rubber economy.

For more than 40 years, Ecore has been transforming rubber waste, upcycling in excess of 100 million pounds annually. The company uses recycled rubber to create more than 1,500 different products, including high-performance flooring, pour-in-place playgrounds, athletic fields, mulch trails and more.

360 Tire Recycling Group has been a provider and recycler in the truck stop and retreading industry for 14 years and is an expert in sourcing and handling ties at the end of their life. As part of Ecore, the group will continue to operate under its current tradename offering multiple touchpoints, including scrap tire rehauling and processing, buffing collection and casing and used tire sales, all while providing customers with a sustainable, circular process for converting reclaimed rubber into sustainable products that make people’s lives better.