Domotex Reports on 2019 Show

Hannover, DE, January 15, 2019-Over 1,400 exhibitors from more than 60 nations traveled to Hannover for Domotex 2019. 

With close to 90% of all attendees having decision-making authority, the caliber of the show’s visitors remained high, a fact confirmed by exhibitors. 

Due to continued market concentration, Domotex recorded a dip in attendance. According to the exhibition survey, the order situation of exhibitors remained constant, while the purchasing volume per visitor went up. Every other year, Domotex competes for attendees against the Bau construction products show in Munich Germany. 

About 70% of all Domotex attendees once again came from abroad. In terms of visitor backgrounds, attendance was notably up on the part of wholesale and retail professionals. The figures also revealed an increase in attendance by architects, interior designers and contract business professionals. 

In addition, Domotex 2019 saw an increase in the amount of display space sold.

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