Domotex Hannover Narrows Scope to Carpet & Rugs for 2025 Event

Hannover, DE, April 18, 2024-In January 2025, Domotex will host a carpets and rugs edition-the first of its events focused on carpets and textile coverings in the odd-numbered years. 

In 2026 and all even-numbered years, Domotex will once again bring together the entire global carpet and flooring industry, including hard surface, under one roof. 

The current number of registrations for January 2025 confirms the positive response to the new edition of Domotex-Carpets & Rugs. Exhibitors such as Agni, Choudhary Exports, Bhadohi Carpets, Global Overseas, Heritage Overseas, Jaipur Rugs, Kaleen Lifestyle, Phoenix Carpets, Rugs in Style, Sadiq + Sohn and Satar Carpets have already registered for the upcoming edition.

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