Dodge Releases World Green Building Trends 2018 Report

New York, NY, November 14, 2018-Forty-seven percent of those participating in the World Green Building Trends 2018 SmartMarket Report expect to do the majority of their projects (more than 60%) green by 2021. 

Published by Dodge Data & Analytics, the new industry report indicates that the international market for green construction projects has grown significantly in the last ten years and demand for green building activity is poised to grow-to even double in some regions. In fact, the report found a 20-point projected jump from those who currently report a majority of green projects.

Nineteen countries are featured in the report, spanning six continents, and substantial growth in the percentage doing the majority of their projects green is expected in each. 

The report also found that the biggest challenge to increased green building-the perception that it costs more than traditional construction-declined dramatically from over three-quarters in 2012 to under half today.

Another noteworthy highlight is that many respondents plan to build green in the next three years without seeking certification. However, over two thirds of study participants using certification find that doing so allows them to create better performing buildings; a finding echoed by other studies.

For more information on the overall findings, or the specific findings in Australia, China, Europe, India, Middle East/North Africa, North America, South Africa, South America/Central America/Caribbean and Southeast Asia, download the free report at