Dixie Combines Atlas and Masland Contract Sales Forces

Dalton, GA, September 10, 2018-The Dixie Group has announced the unification of sales forces for its two commercial brands, Atlas and Masland Contract.

Dixie purchased Atlas for $17.5 million in March 2014 and last year merged the company’s two back-end accounting and human resources into a single business unit. 

The Atlas-Masland Contract brands encompass carpet tile, broadloom, area rugs, and luxury vinyl flooring. Within each of these product categories, the brands offer a wide spectrum of diversified aesthetics. The unification of the brands creates a product line composed of the best elements of these powerful portfolios.

Each sales associate will have the complete assortment of both brands thereby providing a single flooring source for most commercial projects. In addition, the sales force will be supported by a unified customer service and sales support team. This combined approach recognizes the time constraints of customers and the variety of products that today's commercial projects utilize.

Dan Frierson, chairman of the Dixie Group, explains that the transition will result in more “feet on the street” promoting each brand. 

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