Diverzify Leadership Meeting Currently Underway in Atlanta

Atlanta, GA, September 26, 2023-Diverzify is hosting a leadership meeting in Atlanta, Georgia currently, featuring 100 of its leaders. 

The purpose of the meeting is to bring leadership from all 58 locations together to build continuity and integration.

Speakers at the event included Floor Focus/FloorDaily publisher Kemp Harr, Kay Sargent with HOK, Mark Bischoff with Starnet and Farshid Tafazzoli, co-founder of Material Bank.

Diverzify recently moved its headquarters from Itasca Illinois to Atlanta. 

Danielle Hunsicker, EVP of Diverzify, talks with FloorDaily about the meeting. 

Diverzify is the largest commercial flooring and interior services provider in the country with 58 locations, approximately 2,500+ employees and a network of 7,500+ installers in almost every major market in the US. Annual revenue for Diverzify is over $1 billion, growing 6% per year (excluding new acquistions). Diverzify has built a network of brands that allows the enterprise to maintian continuity with the local brands of the firms acquired to build its national footprint. Funds for growth come from Acon Investments.

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