Dalton Carpet One Adopts Installation System that Kills COVID-19

Athens, GA, October 14, 2020-Dalton Carpet One announces Neutralize, a new process for residential flooring installations that kills COVID-19. The multi-step approach takes its original Healthier Living Installation system and adds in a finishing step to sanitize the floors.

In a recent market survey conducted by Dalton Carpet One, 72% of participants said a healthier system for flooring installation would sway their buying decision to purchase with a company. This lead Dalton Carpet One to modernize the Healthier Living Installation system to include a final disinfecting step.

The first step to the Neutralize system is to remove old floor and then HEPA vacuum the subfloor. Then the installer sprays EPA-approved HealthinEx evenly on the subfloor. Ten minutes are allowed for the product to dry, inhibiting the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria. The new floor is then installed and another HEPA vacuum is completed. The new floors are then sprayed with VitalOxide disinfectant, also EPA-approved. After ten minutes, the product is dry and sanitized. And the entire Neutralize process kills COVID-19.

The system is available to all Carpet One members.

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