Dal-Tile Publishes ESG Report

Dallas, TX, October 4, 2023-Dal-Tile and its tile brands Daltile, Marazzi, and American Olean are pleased to highlight their ESG efforts in tandem with the newly-released Mohawk Industries Environmental, Social, and Governance Report (ESG). Dal-Tile, a subsidiary of Mohawk Industries, is making the ESG Report information easily accessible to customers via the Daltile, Marazzi, and American Olean websites.  


• 99%-Over 99% of tile collections contain recycled or reclaimed materials.

• 300 million-On average, North American facilities recover and reuse over 300 million pounds of recycled and/or reclaimed material per year.

• 17%-2018 to present has reduced energy carbon footprint by 17%.

• 84%-Overall, recovers and reuses 84% of all process wastewater in U.S.- and Mexico-based facilities.

• 125 million-Measures have prevented over 125 million gallons of wastewater from entering local municipal water treatment facilities annually.

• 11%-Reduced energy consumption by 11% at all sales service centers and distribution facilities.

• 0%- Tiles are made from only natural materials: water, clay, sand, feldspar, and other minerals. Tiles contain zero VOCs, zero plastics, zero PVCs, zero allergens, and zero formaldehyde.

• Product transparency-Developed and continue to maintain product-specific EPDs, Declare labels, and HPDs.

• 341 tons-Recycled over 341 tons of cardboard and office paper, averaging 68 tons per year.

• 9X-Nine manufacturing facilities have achieved Mohawk’s internal Zero Landfill Certification.

• Millions-Sent millions of pounds of materials to state-approved beneficial reuse programs.

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