Dal-Tile Conducts Energy Treasure Hunt

Dallas, TX, April 25, 2018-Use of energy is inevitable in the manufacturing industry. However, Dal-Tile Corporation has taken action to reduce the amount of energy used by their production facilities to make a positive impact not only in the towns where their factories are located, but also for the planet.

In up to a four-day event, these treasure hunts consist of small groups of the company’s employees from different parts of the plant alongside energy professionals scouring a designated area, keeping their eyes peeled for air leaks, scrap sources, or equipment running without product, for example. These energy audits have produced significant results, such as the over one million dollars in annual savings that was realized at the company’s Sunnyvale, Texas facility.

“Projects from lighting improvement, compressed air work and other improvement plans are well underway because of this initiative,” said Robert Hurt, director of environmental, health, and sustainability services for Dal-Tile Corporation.  “We are proud to say this is just the beginning. Energy professionals now have ongoing scheduled visits to our plants to look for additional areas in need of improvement, as variables change from day-to-day.”

Energy treasure hunts are just one example of the company’s sustainability efforts to reduce their carbon footprint.

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