Cyncly Opens AI Innovation Center

London, UK, November 21, 2023 – Cyncly, a global provider of software and content solutions, has announced the opening of its AI Innovation Center, an AI strategy and engineering resource that will develop and integrate AI solutions across a range of Cyncly products.

The Innovation Center will add technical expertise and development resources to Cyncly’s global team, helping accelerate ongoing programs to make its products smarter and enhance the customer experience through the application of AI techniques.

Cyncly is adding the power of AI across its solution portfolio, which covers every stage of the consumer value cycle: project inspiration, design, sales, manufacturing, and delivery. The Center will work in collaboration with Cyncly’s industry experts to leverage insights from the company’s global team, bringing new technologies that help customers improve the consumer experience, achieve greater efficiency and earn higher margins.  

The Center will apply the latest technologies to support customer workflows, including Generative AI and ML, enabling Cyncly to deliver innovative product capabilities, more immersive product experiences and higher quality outcomes faster and more consistently. 

Cyncly owns Mobile Marketing, Pacific Solutions and RFMS.

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