Cyncly Launches RFMS Next

London, UK, August 9, 2023-Cyncly, a global provider of software and content solutions, announced the launch of its RFMS Next initiative to modernize business management in the flooring industry. Through this program, Cyncly will provide flooring business users with a comprehensive cloud solution that offers faster time to benefit, a faster cadence of new releases that incorporate innovative technologies, and access to core business tools by any user from any location on any device.  

RFMS Next is designed from the ground up using Cyncly user interface standards to make the complete process of flooring selection, purchasing and installation more efficient and intuitive. The design focus on building a user-friendly experience makes core business technology more accessible, particularly for newcomers, which will help customers accelerate training for new talent joining the flooring industry. 

In addition, the architecture of RFMS Next will enable new opportunities for integration with other Cyncly solutions. RFMS Next customers can expect access to integrations that simplify workflows and increase the efficiency of their designers, sales professionals, and back-office personnel.  

RFMS Next builds on the success of RFMS Core, including the RFMS ERP, to provide flooring customers with a digital foundation for new customer-facing services and greater back-office efficiency. RFMS Next will offer a web-based sales, purchasing, inventory, payroll, and accounting solution tailored to the workflows and needs of users across North America. RFMS Next will also unify RFMS mobile applications-including RFMS Mobile, Mobile Work Orders and Warehouse Mobile-under a common web-native code base, enabling faster integration of data and business features to connect workers in the field with core business systems. 

Existing customers will be able to continue to use RFMS Core uninterrupted, side by side with the increasingly capable RFMS Next, to allow for a gradual migration over time.  

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