Cyncly Acquires Mobile Marketing

London, UK, October 16, 2023-Cyncly, a global provider of end-to-end software and content solutions to the spaces-for-living industry, has completed the acquisition of Mobile Marketing, a technology-led web services and digital marketing solution provider tailored to flooring retailers in North America. 

Mobile Marketing makes it easy for flooring retailers to establish, manage and measure their online presence. Through a single solution, they can increase brand awareness, expand customer engagement and loyalty, and boost lead generation. The marketing technology company offers tailored websites, e-commerce tools and digital advertising solutions, including social media management, SEO and paid search. The Mobile Marketing team is backed by decades of experience in the flooring market, enabling it to offer highly specialized software and services tailored for flooring retailers to help grow their businesses. 

The acquisition enhances Cyncly’s flooring offerings, delivering an integrated solution across the customer journey. It begins with website and digital engagement, and continues through customer relationship management, measurement and estimation, seamlessly connecting to the industry’s leading enterprise resource management solutions. Cyncly’s platform will help Mobile Marketing to scale and accelerate its growth with the benefits of a global organization including best-in-class sales and marketing strategies, tailored customer service and decades of R&D experience. 

Cyncly acquired RFMS in July 2022 and Pacific Solutions in August 2023.